Oceans Rise Empires Fall

My current book project is entitled Oceans Rise, Empires Fall: A Critical Introduction to Geopolitics.

The book seeks to do three major things:

  1. Provide a clear and comprehensive definition of geopolitics as an intellectual domain and object of study.
  2. Provide an introduction to core concepts in the critical study of geopolitics.
  3. Provide a framework for the analysis of the three intersecting crises of global climate disruptions, the Covid-19 pandemic, and rising Great Power confrontations.

The book begins with contemporary geopolitical clashes over the South China Sea and transitions to discuss the contested status of ‘geopolitics’ as an object of study between those theorizing the ‘return of Great Power politics’ and those theorizing the rupture of climate change and emergence of the Earth as an active agent in world politics.

The book outlines the Birth of Geopolitics in a chapter discussing Halford Mackinder’s writings. With these writings in mind, it subsequently outlines three core concepts in the critical analysis of geopolitics: Geopolitical Fields, Geopolitical Cultures and Spatial Revolutions.

The book is scheduled to be completed by the end of 2020 and considered for publication in 2021 by Oxford University Press.