Critical Geopolitics

The Geopolitics Reader, 2nd ed.

Dr Toal’s work has helped establish Critical Geopolitics as a recognized research field within contemporary Political Geography. In 1996 he published Critical Geopolitics (published by the University of Minnesota Press in the US and by  Routledge worldwide). Together with fellow political geographers Dr Simon Dalby and Dr Paul Routledge, he edited two editions of  The Geopolitics Reader (Routledge, 1998, 2006).

Dr Toal’s early articles on critical geopolitics  can be divided into four categories, those on the history of geopolitics, on the contemporary geopolitical tradition, on critical geopolitics theory, and on contemporary geopolitical affairs. Dissatisfied with working mostly at the global scale only, Toal shifted the focus of his work in 2002 to the localized contexts within which geopolitical processes unfold (in actuality a re-visiting of early interest in the geography of Irish nationalism). His work in Bosnia-Herzegovina and the Caucasus are the product of this evolution. He tied this work on ‘localized geopolitics’ to Critical Geopolitics in G. Ó Tuathail, “Localizing GeopoliticsPolitical Geography 29 (2010), 256-265 (Special issue on ‘The State of Critical Geopolitics’).

For those unfamiliar with some early Critical Geopolitics, below are links to some of Toal’s publications from the 1990s (Dr Simon Dalby’s early publications, and that of other political geographers, are also essential reading on this period).


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