Public Outreach Articles on New Research Findings 2020


G. Toal, “Five ways the 2020 Nagorno-Karabakh conflict will change the map.” Washington Post. 16 November.

K. Bakke, G. Toal, J. O’Loughlin, “Nagorno-Karabakh: what do residents of the contested territory want for their future?” The Conversation. 12 October.

G. Toal, J. O’Loughlin, K. Bakke, “The fighting in Nagorno-Karabakh is about local territories and wider rivalries.” Washington Post. 2 October.

J. O’Loughlin, G. Toal, K. Bakke, “Is Belarus in the midst of a generational upheaval? Global Voices. 17 September. (translated into Spanish, Ukrainian and Greek).

G. Toal, J. O’Loughlin, K. Bakke, “What’s Driving the Belarus Protests?” Washington Post. 21 August,

G. Toal, J. O’Loughlin, K. Bakke, “Flight MH17 crashed six years ago. Ukrainians have very different views on who’s to blame.” Washington Post. 16 July.

M. Laruelle, G. Toal, J. O’Loughin, K. Bakke, “Kazakhs are wary of neighbours bearing gifts.” Open Democracy, 30 April.

J, O’Loughlin, G. Toal and K. Bakke. “Response to Ukrainian Foreign Minister.” Foreign Affairs. 21 April.

G. Toal, J. O’Loughlin, and K. Bakke. “Are some NGOs really “foreign agents”? Here’s what people in Georgia and Ukraine say.” Open Democracy. 16 April.

J, O’Loughlin, G. Toal and K. Bakke, “To Russia With Love: The Majority of Crimeans Are Still Glad for Their Annexation.” Foreign Affairs. 3 April.

G. Toal, J. O’Loughlin, K. Bakke, “Six years and $20 billion in Russian investment later, Crimeans are happy with Russian annexation,” Washington Post. 18 March.

G. Toal, J. O’Loughlin, K. Bakke, “Is Ukraine caught between Europe and Russia? We asked Ukrainians this important question.” Washington Post. 26 February.

About Dr Gerard Toal

Irish born academic living in Washington DC researching geopolitical competition and territorial conflicts in post-Communist Europe. Author of CRITICAL GEOPOLITICS (1996), BOSNIA REMADE (w C Dahlman) and NEAR ABROAD: PUTIN, THE WEST AND THE CONTEST OVER UKRAINE AND THE CAUCASUS (Oxford University Press, 2017).
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